Summer isn't over yet!...

If you are not heading abroad for your summer holidays this year then read our blog for some serious Summer Styling tips to really make the most of what we have left of this good old British summer. 

Ok, so we are not going to pretend that you will suddenly feel like you are on a Mediterranean holiday or about to have a sun downer on Safari  but a few tweaks here and there and you may feel a little closer to it or at least more enthusiastic about enjoying your staycation at home.

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Below we have put together a shortcut guide to summertime style in the home, most of which are pretty intuitive but that's good because you don't have much time so hurry as it will soon be time for our Autumn/Winter styling tips:

 So here goes…

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Soft Furnishings

Keep the cosy winter fabrics stored for a little while longer yet and instead use lighter ones, go for linens, bright and bold colours and patterns- Nothing says summer as much as bright summer tones and vibrant patterns. Summer is the perfect time to add some punchy pops of colour to your home.

Use much lighter blankets and throws that can be taken outdoors.  Some people even choose to swap rugs between seasons, there is nothing better than feeling the light and airy feel under your bare feet of something like a rattan or natural jute rug but then swap it in winter for something much more luxurious and carpety! Just changing the soft furnishings can really change the atmosphere in the house.

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 Greenery is still everywhere in the world of Interior Design, which is fabulous as house plants including the ever popular succulents really do bring interiors to life.  Don't be too put off by the fear of Killing them they are often easier than you think to look after with succulents only needing watering around once a week.  

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Summer Scents

Even in Summer use reed diffusers and candles in the home, carefully select the ones that remind you or holidays such as Seashore by True Grace the scent is described as…‘A bracing walk on the cliff tops and the light-headed feeling of being by the sea’ what more could you wish for?

Another favourite of ours is Coconut Grove by Urban Apothecary ‘ Go island hopping in the Indian Ocean with this memory of sparkling seas, white sands and palms. Coconut Grove gives a shout-out to wanderlust and brings adventure to your mood’ who wouldn't feel better smelling this fragrance inviting you to warmer climes?

Summer Interiors styling with flowers.jpg


Saving the most obvious until almost last! Adding flowers throughout the house in summer, particularly ones picked from the garden, not only do they add colour and joy to the house they also add to the summer scent aspect as well. Don't get too hung up on how best to display them as casual displays of flowers around the house is most definitely the way forward.  Try just popping them into a jam jar or even a single stem into your favourite beer bottle.

 We thought we would wrap things up by sharing with you our favourite Summer 2019 cocktail recipe, enjoy it in your beautifully summer styled home-

Gin Pink Fizz:


  • 50ml Gordon’s Pink Gin

  • 50ml Lemonade

  • 25ml Prosecco

  • Ice

  • Strawberries cut into halves or quarters depending on size (optional)

Fill a large glass with ice, add the gin and the lemonade then top up with the Prosecco and garnish with the strawberries!

Enjoy  x