Summer isn't over yet!...

If you are not heading abroad for your summer holidays this year then read our blog for some serious Summer Styling tips to really make the most of what we have left of this good old British summer. 

Ok, so we are not going to pretend that you will suddenly feel like you are on a Mediterranean holiday or about to have a sun downer on Safari  but a few tweaks here and there and you may feel a little closer to it or at least more enthusiastic about enjoying your staycation at home.

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Below we have put together a shortcut guide to summertime style in the home, most of which are pretty intuitive but that's good because you don't have much time so hurry as it will soon be time for our Autumn/Winter styling tips:

 So here goes…

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Soft Furnishings

Keep the cosy winter fabrics stored for a little while longer yet and instead use lighter ones, go for linens, bright and bold colours and patterns- Nothing says summer as much as bright summer tones and vibrant patterns. Summer is the perfect time to add some punchy pops of colour to your home.

Use much lighter blankets and throws that can be taken outdoors.  Some people even choose to swap rugs between seasons, there is nothing better than feeling the light and airy feel under your bare feet of something like a rattan or natural jute rug but then swap it in winter for something much more luxurious and carpety! Just changing the soft furnishings can really change the atmosphere in the house.

Interior design botanicals-1090638.jpg


 Greenery is still everywhere in the world of Interior Design, which is fabulous as house plants including the ever popular succulents really do bring interiors to life.  Don't be too put off by the fear of Killing them they are often easier than you think to look after with succulents only needing watering around once a week.  

room scents in interiors.jpg

Summer Scents

Even in Summer use reed diffusers and candles in the home, carefully select the ones that remind you or holidays such as Seashore by True Grace the scent is described as…‘A bracing walk on the cliff tops and the light-headed feeling of being by the sea’ what more could you wish for?

Another favourite of ours is Coconut Grove by Urban Apothecary ‘ Go island hopping in the Indian Ocean with this memory of sparkling seas, white sands and palms. Coconut Grove gives a shout-out to wanderlust and brings adventure to your mood’ who wouldn't feel better smelling this fragrance inviting you to warmer climes?

Summer Interiors styling with flowers.jpg


Saving the most obvious until almost last! Adding flowers throughout the house in summer, particularly ones picked from the garden, not only do they add colour and joy to the house they also add to the summer scent aspect as well. Don't get too hung up on how best to display them as casual displays of flowers around the house is most definitely the way forward.  Try just popping them into a jam jar or even a single stem into your favourite beer bottle.

 We thought we would wrap things up by sharing with you our favourite Summer 2019 cocktail recipe, enjoy it in your beautifully summer styled home-

Gin Pink Fizz:


  • 50ml Gordon’s Pink Gin

  • 50ml Lemonade

  • 25ml Prosecco

  • Ice

  • Strawberries cut into halves or quarters depending on size (optional)

Fill a large glass with ice, add the gin and the lemonade then top up with the Prosecco and garnish with the strawberries!

Enjoy  x

10 Top Tips for Styling Children’s Spaces

  1. Apply wall stickers to add interest to a plain wall, specifically purchased wall decals make bland walls come alive!

  2. Personalise with prints- Add fun prints that can be changed as and when your child changes too

  3. Blinds- double up with a Blackout Roller Blind (for purpose) and combine with a beautiful Roman Blind to really style it out

  4. Frame their own pictures- Use a selection of frames and create a unique piece of wall art- Something you can then cherish for years and move to another room when they no longer want it in theirs #TooCoolForSchool

  5. Make tidying easy- Use large pretty lidded baskets, then there really is no excuses for keeping tidy, even when unexpected visitors arrive at short notice

  6. Stick with a theme for a cohesive look using wall art, bedding, accessories, rugs. Just be sure not to make it look too twee-Need any help with this?… You know where we are, its our speciality!

  7. Soft toy storage idea-Use an empty bean bag, stuff it full of all those soft toys that are cluttering up the place and gathering dust to create multifunctional hidden storage, providing a comfy seat to sit & relax as well as easy access to all those toys when the need arises 💕 #TheStruggleisReal


8. A child’s bedroom needn’t look childish & can go on to last them for several years, it is the ideal place in any home to use bold bright colours so do be brave!

9. A colourful wall paper on a chimney breast or in a little nook creates interest. If you are not feeling quite that brave then simply add colourful painted shelves & try wallpapering inside cupboards


10. Create a special reading corner for your little one using low level shelves, add a comfy bean bag & rug & encourage them to keep books to this area only! #GoodLuck


When Fashion & Interiors Collaborate

We love it when Fashion  and Interior brands collaborate!  In the past more often than not it has been Fashion Designers that have turned their hand to Interiors however last Autumn we saw William Morris design a range of clothing for H&M and this Spring Superga and Farrow and Ball joined forces to create a brand new take on their 2750 Trainer and we just love the concept behind the design.  Read on for more details….


Farrow & Ball + Superga

Farrow and Ball have taken every detail into consideration creating unique colours that only appear on the collaboration shoes, the foxing has been designed to replicate a classic Victorian skirting board and the shoes are lined with Farrow and Ball’s best-selling wallpaper design – Tessella (WOW!)

Each shoe has been designed by Farrow and Ball in the same way they would construct a room, taking in to consideration the colour of the floor, which represents the sole, skirting board, representing the foxing and the walls, representing the canvas. Each colour has been mixed in-house by Farrow and Ball. 

 The shoes are branded with ‘Farrow and Ball’ replacing the usual ‘Superga’ rubber heel branding, with their logo featuring on the left sock lining and Superga on the right.  How amazing is this?


Morris & Co + H&M

As previously mentioned Last Autumn, H&M collaborated with Morris & Co, the quintessentially British interiors brand that was founded in 1861 by William Morris, one of the most influential designers of the Arts & Crafts Movement. The collection featured some of the most recognised archival prints in romantic yet tailored designs. Sourced from its vast archive, the Morris & Co prints used throughout the collection are some of the most iconic often seen on wallpaper and interior textiles.   Anyone who knows of William Morris will be able to spot his designs being worn on the high street, on the catwalk and even on screen.

Ok so we are not taking it away from the world of Fashion that they too have created some fabulous designs for some of our most loved Interior/homeware brands, such as the collaboration between Joules and DFS…

Joules Interior Design.jpg

Joules + DFS

Yet another fabulous collaboration can be seen when British fashion and lifestyle brand Joules who are known for their use of floral prints, colour and stripes, extended their homeware range with the launch of its first-ever sofa collection in collaboration with DFS.

It includes a range of country, coastal and colour-inspired sofas, armchairs and footstools, with each piece designed to “embody the quality, Britishness, colour and humour that makes Joules stand out from the crowd,”

Each piece is made in the UK, and is available in array of fabric options and colours, and feature details such as colour-dipped feet, which we love!

VW Wallpaper Interior Design.jpg

Vivienne Westwood + Cole & Sons

The last one we would like to shout out about is when the legendary Vivienne Westwood chose to take her designs from inside your wardrobe and onto the walls of your home. The designer's collaboration with Cole & Sons draws on her signature prints and patterns throughout her career, translating them into striking wallpaper designs.

"It is good when my ideas get carried over into other artistic media. This collection is a perfect opportunity to be able to work with a heritage company like Cole & Son and to see my ideas from fashion translated into the world of interiors and wallpaper," comments Westwood.

Here’s to many more fabulous collaborations in 2019 & beyond!

Oxfordshire Interior Designers do #LDW19AtDCCH

What happens when two Oxfordshire based Interior Designers (us) head to London for Design Week?

As always it starts with a mad dash for the train and we make our way to Paddington, nothing too eventful to report and we even manage to get a seat which is always a bonus these days.  We then take the District line Westbound to West Brompton & from there wait for an over ground train to Imperial Wharf, as we look around it is unmistakable that everyone else is also heading for the design show!  Yes there were some rather eccentric outfits, a couple of very well dressed men  in immaculate suits, of course with perfectly co-ordinated accessories and designer luggage.  A middle aged (plus a bit more) lady with her very cute but ridiculously dressed handbag dog!…and then there was us…on several occasions during the day I got asked if I was indeed a surfer?! Given the gale force winds I had decided just to ‘wash and go’ hence the not so deliberate surfer look that I was clearly pulling off, although not quite the impression I had intended to give but never mind, anything goes in the world of design right?!

On arrival at the harbour we are always (but even more so during design week) ‘blown away’ by the effort that goes in to the decoration of the centre and the showroom window displays.  With our complimentary coffee tokens and show guides at the ready we start exploring!

Here are just of the few delights that we discovered during our tour of the harbour-

So after an inspiring tour of the showrooms, being plied with alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach and laden down with bags full of lovely samples, catalogues and free pencils we then decide its time for a sit down in one of the exclusive eateries… and of course being the sensible adults that we are we order a glass of wine. 

By now its almost 6pm & we are not quite ready to go home yet, we decide to try our luck at finding a seat in an already sold out talk by the fabulous ‘Kit Kemp’- We are in luck! Once everyone else is seated the lovely lady on the door kindly decides she can squeeze us in.  The talk by Kit was really inspiring, the work she has done is simply stunning, and it was great to hear how she became the Interiors legend that she is today and she even signed a book for us :-) 

Interior Designer Reading 16.jpg

All in all we had a fabulous day and can not wait to start using some of the inspiration in our next projects.  Until the next time #DesignWeek “it’s been fun”.

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5 of our most popular paint Colours by Farrow and Ball

Railings 2.PNG

….More blue than black

A soft black with blue undertones

More blue than black, Railings is a softer alternative to black which is particularly suited to the ironwork it takes its name from. When used in Full Gloss on front doors it creates a handsome and commanding entrance, but becomes much more relaxed in feel in an Estate Eggshell finish. The bluer undertones of this dark hue transform rooms into dramatic and enveloping interior spaces.

Stiffkey Blue.PNG

…The inky blue

An inky navy

This inky blue is named after the Norfolk beach where the mud, along with the cockles, share a particular deep navy hue. Although traditional in feel, Stiffkey Blue is often used as an alternative to Down Pipe to create a richly dramatic space with a more contemporary finish. When used in well lit areas of the home it will appear much bluer, working wonderfully when contrasted with Ammonite. 

Cornforth 2.PNG

…An easy neutral

An understated grey

Cornforth White is the mid tone in the group of Easy Neutrals which are totally understated and extremely versatile. Neither too warm nor too cool, Cornforth White sits contentedly between Ammonite and Purbeck Stone to create a hushed and calming retreat. Named in memory of John Cornforth, the revered architectural historian, contrast with Wevet to enhance its grey qualities.

Mouses Back.PNG

…A classic grey brown

A quiet grey brown

This grey brown classic takes its characterful name from the fawny colour of the British field mouse. Much like its namesake, the green based Mouse’s Back is quiet in nature and feels soft in rooms both large and small. It will read greener when used on the walls of underlit rooms and is the perfect accent on furniture or floors when combined with more traditional shades such as Setting Plaster and Lime White.


…Bright and contemporary

A modern crimson

This bright and modern red takes its name from the distinctive crimson leaves of Italian chicory. Although tempered with magenta, Radicchio contains less blue pigment than Eating Room Red so is brighter and more contemporary in feel. It confidently fills a room with energy without having the brashness of a true, clean red.

3 Questions you must ask an Interior Designer before hiring them

The process of hiring an interior designer may seem like a daunting task, will they be the right match? Are you both on the same wave length? How do you know if you will get on and be able to communicate with one another successfully?

It really does not have to be this daunting, if you know the right questions to ask when making an initial enquiry, and who knows you may just find the right one and become friends for life.

blog pic 3.jpg

initial enquiry…

The first step to finding the right designer for you!

Firstly you need to think about- How much involvement do you want in the project? and then ask the designer -How involved will I be in the design of the project?

Some designers do not welcome input from their client on this, especially the creative design, where as others will want to consult with you at every step of the way. The ultimate point to remember though is to trust and commit to the decisions that you have hired the designer to make for you, so do have a think about this before hand and bear this in mind from the offset.

Secondly ask the designer- What defines their style and where do they find their inspiration?

blog pic 4.jpg


Where do they find theirs?

This will give you a glimpse at their personality and what makes them tick, giving you a good idea of the type of interiors they are likely to create. You can always back this question up by asking them to tell you about a favourite project they have worked on previously and ask why they loved it so much. This will give a sure fire indication as to how they like to work for example if they say “because the client gave us a free reign to do whatever we wanted and did not get involved in any of the decision making, they simply left us to it” then you will know that this is the way the designer prefers to work.

Lastly always ask something regarding their project management style… The value of a good interior designer goes much further than simply having good style or a creative flair! Be sure to ask for example -How will they communicate their vision in a way that you will understand?

blog pic 1.jpg


How is this communicated to the client?

Once you have agreed the design every designer handles the project management side of things differently, so it’s important to have a good idea as to how their design process works.

We hope you found this helpful please take a look at our style statement on our Home Page and our detailed break down on our Design Services page to find out more about Morris Molloy, our style and how we manage our design process.

Please do contact us via our Contact Us page if you would like to make an initial enquiry we would be happy to help and answer any questions that you may have.

Kelly & Nicole

Pink is the new Red this Valentine’s Day...

Pink is not going anywhere is 2019, in fact it has even been suggested that it will begin to be embraced as another neutral, being that it is the perfect backdrop to many other palettes. In terms of the tones of pink that we believe will become more and more popular think ‘blush’ but getting even warmer, you only have to look at the new Farrow and Ball ‘Sulking Room Pink’ to see this.


So pinks with clay, peach or brown undertones will be taking the interiors world by storm. We believe this is because clay pink tones have a wonderful cocooning effect without being oppressive and promote a sense of relaxation and escape in any living space.

So here are 5 top tips to introduce some pink into your home and inject some love and romance into your Interiors, just in time for Valentine’s Day-

1) Flowers, this may seem like an obvious suggestion but it is truly amazing the difference it can make adding a splash of colour with a beautiful faux flower arrangement . Obviously we hope you receive some real ones too but head to Neptune, Home Sense or Next Home to name just a few places that sell some wonderful Faux options and start getting creative.

2) Accesorise; If you have always played it safe with your choice of wall colours and kept them neutral, then why not add some pink accessories to bring some depth to the room and give it a fresh new look. A rug, some cushions, pictures and a throw, these wont cost you the world… if you know where to shop that is!… but adding some well chosen accessories will bring you a sense of happiness and a tranquil place to retreat. Feel free to drop us a line if you would like any help with your shopping list :-)

3) Add an occasional chair- Our clients often ask what is an occasional chair? We best describe it as a one off chair in your home that is different to any of the others and one that can be put to varied uses as and when an occasion arises, we especially love this one (pictured), it was purchased as part of a bedroom scheme but if needed can be bought downstairs for additional seating or even taken to the children’s bedroom for story time.

4) Art- Do you have an empty wall, that is just crying out for love? Check out these fabulous affordable websites to find the perfect way to add some blush to your walls

5) Feature Wall or Furniture Why not paint just one wall or piece of furniture in a delicious clay pink or blush or you could even paint the back of some book shelves or inside a walk in or under stairs cupboard! suggested paint colours include-

Farrow & Ball- Sulking Room Pink

Neptune- Old Rose

Little Greene Paint- Pink Slip

pink accessories.JPG

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Decorex is one of the Interior Design highlights of each year and 2018 did not disappoint, in fact it brought us one of the most inspirational Decorex shows to date and Morris Molloy were beyond excited to be part of the buzz.

Read our blog which highlights just a few of the brands we loved, friends we made and Interior Design trends for the year ahead #interiordesigntrends2019 #decorex2018   

Bert Frank

Bert Frank  


Crafted to last, Bert Frank lights are designed to oppose the throwaway culture we live in today.  Bert Frank is an award-winning British luxury lighting brand founded in 2013 by designer, Robbie Llewellyn and metalwork factory owner, Adam Yeats. 

Drawing influence from the design codes of the industrial era but with a modern twist, the company has quickly established a presence on the international design scene. We love the fact that every Bert Frank product is designed and crafted in the UK from the highest-quality materials and as Bert Frank themselves quote - their lights are created to age with you!

Woodchip & Magnolia

Wallpaper & Textiles

Woodchip & Magnolia is an exciting British wallpaper and textile company, headed by Nina Marika Tarnowski, a self-confessed wallpaper, pattern and colour addict.

 Woodchip & Magnolia fuses classic design with a bold and contemporary aesthetic…As they say “we design ,curate and manufacture because walls need never be boring!”

Woodchip and Magnolia has a collection of wallpapers, murals & wall panels that will breathe magic and personality into any home or space. Their carefully designed & curated collection reflects their love for wallpaper, for all things eclectic, organic & with a story to tell!  We have used some of their papers in our designs and could not be happier with the end result #love #stunning

The Woven Edge


The Woven Edge works with residential and commercial clients around the globe to create luxury Indo Nepalese hand knotted and hand tufted rugs.

They use the highest quality yarn of New Zealand Wool and Bamboo Fibres to create pure comfort in their latest designs the rugs at the show were simply beautiful works of art!
You can choose from their own inspirational gallery, created by their UK design team or get in touch with them to convert your vision into a bespoke stunning piece of art for your floor!
Simply stunning trend driven rugs and all Goodweave certified! #perfection

Sweetpea & Willow

Furniture & Accessories

Sweetpea & Willow are a London based luxury furniture and accessories boutique that started up in 2006. Sweetpea & Willow was first started with a vision in mind, to inspire every house owner to create a home of their dreams, at affordable prices.  Their ever expanding collection includes beautiful furniture, lighting, cushions, armoires, beds, sofas, chairs and garden furniture to name but a few, all carefully selected to help enrich your homes.  
What we are most excited about is visiting their stunning 8,000sq ft showroom in West London. #inspiration #stylish