Oxfordshire Interior Designers do #LDW19AtDCCH

What happens when two Oxfordshire based Interior Designers (us) head to London for Design Week?

As always it starts with a mad dash for the train and we make our way to Paddington, nothing too eventful to report and we even manage to get a seat which is always a bonus these days.  We then take the District line Westbound to West Brompton & from there wait for an over ground train to Imperial Wharf, as we look around it is unmistakable that everyone else is also heading for the design show!  Yes there were some rather eccentric outfits, a couple of very well dressed men  in immaculate suits, of course with perfectly co-ordinated accessories and designer luggage.  A middle aged (plus a bit more) lady with her very cute but ridiculously dressed handbag dog!…and then there was us…on several occasions during the day I got asked if I was indeed a surfer?! Given the gale force winds I had decided just to ‘wash and go’ hence the not so deliberate surfer look that I was clearly pulling off, although not quite the impression I had intended to give but never mind, anything goes in the world of design right?!

On arrival at the harbour we are always (but even more so during design week) ‘blown away’ by the effort that goes in to the decoration of the centre and the showroom window displays.  With our complimentary coffee tokens and show guides at the ready we start exploring!

Here are just of the few delights that we discovered during our tour of the harbour-

So after an inspiring tour of the showrooms, being plied with alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach and laden down with bags full of lovely samples, catalogues and free pencils we then decide its time for a sit down in one of the exclusive eateries… and of course being the sensible adults that we are we order a glass of wine. 

By now its almost 6pm & we are not quite ready to go home yet, we decide to try our luck at finding a seat in an already sold out talk by the fabulous ‘Kit Kemp’- We are in luck! Once everyone else is seated the lovely lady on the door kindly decides she can squeeze us in.  The talk by Kit was really inspiring, the work she has done is simply stunning, and it was great to hear how she became the Interiors legend that she is today and she even signed a book for us :-) 

Interior Designer Reading 16.jpg

All in all we had a fabulous day and can not wait to start using some of the inspiration in our next projects.  Until the next time #DesignWeek “it’s been fun”.

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