3 Questions you must ask an Interior Designer before hiring them

The process of hiring an interior designer may seem like a daunting task, will they be the right match? Are you both on the same wave length? How do you know if you will get on and be able to communicate with one another successfully?

It really does not have to be this daunting, if you know the right questions to ask when making an initial enquiry, and who knows you may just find the right one and become friends for life.

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initial enquiry…

The first step to finding the right designer for you!

Firstly you need to think about- How much involvement do you want in the project? and then ask the designer -How involved will I be in the design of the project?

Some designers do not welcome input from their client on this, especially the creative design, where as others will want to consult with you at every step of the way. The ultimate point to remember though is to trust and commit to the decisions that you have hired the designer to make for you, so do have a think about this before hand and bear this in mind from the offset.

Secondly ask the designer- What defines their style and where do they find their inspiration?

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Where do they find theirs?

This will give you a glimpse at their personality and what makes them tick, giving you a good idea of the type of interiors they are likely to create. You can always back this question up by asking them to tell you about a favourite project they have worked on previously and ask why they loved it so much. This will give a sure fire indication as to how they like to work for example if they say “because the client gave us a free reign to do whatever we wanted and did not get involved in any of the decision making, they simply left us to it” then you will know that this is the way the designer prefers to work.

Lastly always ask something regarding their project management style… The value of a good interior designer goes much further than simply having good style or a creative flair! Be sure to ask for example -How will they communicate their vision in a way that you will understand?

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How is this communicated to the client?

Once you have agreed the design every designer handles the project management side of things differently, so it’s important to have a good idea as to how their design process works.

We hope you found this helpful please take a look at our style statement on our Home Page and our detailed break down on our Design Services page to find out more about Morris Molloy, our style and how we manage our design process.

Please do contact us via our Contact Us page if you would like to make an initial enquiry we would be happy to help and answer any questions that you may have.

Kelly & Nicole